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Project Description
This system is developed for doctors who have their own clinic. This system helps to maintain the patient information Personal as well as Medical.

On next release I am planning to add Jquery calendar instead of using Telerik Calendar control.

EDoc (Easy Doc) Is Very productive System developed for clinic and patient management By Aquiline Technologies. In This System you will get Total Security of your Private Data and easy and efficient access to the information. As the name suggests EDoc, the system is very easy to handle yet powerful and efficient.

1. Patient Registration
2. Medical Information
3. Medicines
4. Reports
5. Appointments

Patient Registration

User can register (enter) the Patient who visits first time to the clinic. For successive visits this information will be automatically used. User can register the patient with the minimum inputs. Also for Family doctors who need to maintain Family health information, a unique Family ID is automatically generated and can be used to track family heath information.

Medical Information

In this section User can actually add the prescription and treatment details for the patient. When User enters all the treatment details, automatic prescription will be printed so the User need not to write the prescription again. All the prescription details are saved and when the patient visits the clinic next time, the previous treatment data is available for the User to refer.


This is the master form to create medicines which Doctors prescribed. These medicines will be available on the Medical Information form at the time of creating prescription.


This is the simplest way to maintain the Doctor’s schedules and appointments. Appointments can be created for any particular day, with so many options like Reminders, Recurrence, particular time interval.

User can view his paid/due amount for any particular period. This report allows User to view the report for a single day or for past 5 years also. It is useful to know what’s the revenue generating and the due amount from a particular patient.

This report has many options like,
1> Report can be generated for any date range
2> Report can be grouped by Family
3> Report can be grouped by Patient
4> Report can be grouped by visiting date

Patient Registration

Edit Patient

Sc heduler

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